2013 exhibition


10.2013 Kitchen World Exhibition Umena, Ichida House, Old Yusuda Kusuo House Garden (Yanaka · Ueno Sakuragi · Sengoki) Nagaya, Tangible Cultural Property Building, One Person in History · Traditional Buildings Designated in Tokyo Prefecture



How works work in traditional Japanese living and everyday life. With the focus on that, there was an intention to make it an exhibition where the images intersect with each other as well as the past and the past. At Umi-an, I take an exhibition method of looking at the garden garden in a time. In the old Yasuda Kusuo House garden, we asked the place, the modernity, the value of things by setting the object made based on the material of 100 yen shop in the majestic space called Yasuda residence.


kamoe art center(japan)​​

In my life there is a time when I feel like there is something unique about food consciousness. Food as a symbol of consumption. It continues to be consumed and produced equally in large quantities In case I felt it necessary to draw a step back from such a situation in Japan and decided the theme as "food". In case So I had to pull out the image of the food full of SNS in reality. Pictures of foods spread only by visual agreement with gift catalogs where products are lined up in large quantities. I imaged the waterfall that flows from the wall of the gift catalog and placed "tree" which imaged foods and cells made by artificial acts.