2014 exhibition 

Kamoe Art Bazaar


2,3/08 2014 japan

※ from the lower left

1.「a sutudy of Honne and tatemae」A4 giclee print e.d1/1 2013

2.「That time」F30 acrylic on canvas 2014

3.「Sun」1300mm×1350mm Acrylic,pen on residues from wood mills 2014

4.「Landscape of sunflowers」F30 acrylic on canvas 2014

5.「village」F30 acrylic on canvas 2014

Material painting workshop
children art festival


Desk of the school, Chair of the school, Personal computer, Radio cassette recorder,

Television, Bicycle, Hose, Chair, The box of styrene,Kimono sash…


All things will be materials and a picture will be drawn.



hamit×ukyo aoshima


This is a moved type exhibition box.

hamit is an art unit which carries this box on the back and walks.

It collaborated towards the parade of this bazaar.

It is "twins."

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